Giving the Best Funeral Services for your Loved Ones

You only want the best for your loved ones, right? And that includes the funeral services they will have when they finally meet their ends. To achieve such fitting farewell, we listed down the things you should consider when arranging a funeral.

Pre-plan a Funeral

Unexpected deaths often lead to overwhelming pain. The grief of losing a loved one alone is enough to consume you, and what more if you need to arrange the funeral yourself? Because of this scenario, pre-planning funeral services has gained popularity among individuals today.
Arranging a funeral service does not have to be a taxing job. If you pre-plan with us today, you may enjoy the following benefits:

• Make everything easier for you and your loved ones.
• Avoid extremely expensive funeral costs.
• Final wishes will be carried out.
• Choose how they will be remembered.

When pre-planning, you have to keep in mind that you do not have to do it alone. Decide on these important matters with everyone in the family involved. Also, take note that most pre-arranged plans can be transferred, in case you decide to move to another place.

Know your Options


As you pre-plan a funeral, it is important to understand the options as well as the preferences of your loved ones. Here at Gentry Griffey, we do not only provide funeral services, but also support groups to comfort families continuously in their times of needs.

Aside from the traditional burial and cremation options, you can also choose the memorial service you want. We offer both the traditional funeral and the popular celebration of life. Whether you want a solemn ceremony or a more personalized one, we got you covered.

On the other hand, you should also be familiar with certain restrictions related to religious or cultural traditions. For instance, some religions do not allow the cremation of the body. Other cultural traditions have certain rules when it comes to disposing the remains of individuals. With that said, it is important that funeral homes like us also have a full understanding of your religious or cultural needs.
Knowing all the options can help you decide which funeral services best suit your loved one’s final wishes.

Know the Costs of Services

Cost is also an important factor that you should know about funeral services. The law requires funeral homes to have a general price list for every service and item they offer. Take advantage of this and make sure you are getting a reasonable price for the services and items you are availing.

Funeral Services

To give you an overview, here are the things you may pay for when arranging a funeral:

• Embalming
• Cremation
• Funeral service
• Visitation
• Additional night of visitation
• Celebration of life video
• Condolence basket
• Floral tribute package
• Framed photo collage
• Gratuity to American Legion for military service
• Gratuity to minister
• Heirloom bible
• Laminated obituary bookmarks
• Memorial folders with photo
• Memory candle
• Musician services
• One life symbols plaque with corner option casket
• Order of service folders
• Pallbearers acknowledgement cards
• Recording of service in an audio cassette
• Register book
• Remembrance registry
• Thank you cards
• Use of car for transporting pallbearers and minister
• Use of flower van
• Use of hearse
• Use of limousines
• Veterans flag case

If you are on a strict budget, availing a package may just do the trick. This way, you can cut your expenses while having assurance that you will get everything for the best funeral your loved ones want.

Customer Service

Customer service is also of utmost importance to achieve the best funeral service for your loved ones. Remember that funeral homes are there to help you in your times of grief, so it is necessary that the director and staff possess the following traits:

• Compassionate
• Attentive
• Sensitive
• Knowledgeable
• Detail-oriented

At, we care for our clients. With our vast experience, you can send off your loved ones with peace of mind and in their most desired ways.

The 4 Basic Reasons Why You Need an SEO Consultant

Business marketing approaches have evolved tremendously. With heightened competition and marked-up production costs, there arises a profound need to implement better techniques to reach the right consumers and draw them towards the products and solutions your business has to offer.

Most entrepreneurs utilize internet tools to hype-up their marketing. This can vary from website and email marketing, social media ads, pay-per clicks or promotional videos. Having all these in place on a regular basis may require employing several employees or contractors.

But a single professional SEO consultant can intensify the efficacy of your own website to help your business achieve better results at lower costs. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring an SEO consultant:

1.Increased Web Traffic.

Web TrafficAlong with many website owners, you may also be struggling to get more hits on your site and bring it to the top of the search list. The goal in online selling and marketing is not just to be noticed, but to stay on top. And while having an impressive webpage design is certainly helpful, it is not enough to entice visitors and consumers.

This is the most obvious reason why you need to employ the services of an SEO consultant. Being experts in optimizing the utility of the search engines and implementing a variety of SEO campaign strategies, our specialists will provide the powerful tools to boost your webpage’s statistics and attract targeted customers to your site.

2.Boosted Conversion Rates.

More traffic equals more opportunities for conversion. There’s no escaping this logical cause and effect flow. Targeted visitors are potential and actual buyers who are most likely to endorse your site, products and services. This way, your business is marketed exponentially without incurring additional advertising costs.

Because keywords are the drivers that transport consumers to your business, knowing which keywords to employ, how to phrase them and where to place them is crucial. This area belongs to the SEO specialist and our pervasive expertise here will help you meet and surpass your business targets.

In the long run, hiring an SEO consultant not only keeps you in business, it also expands your profits.

3.Marketing Investment.

Marketing InvestmentA lot of business owners hesitate to resort to SEO because of notion that it is costly. Admittedly, price ranges may neither be fixed not cheap. But that’s because we tailor-fit our chosen strategies according to your business needs. Our specialists consider your status quo vis-à-vis your projected business vision while considering your marketability and competitiveness. We determine which number and combination of tactics will best achieve your business goals. There is really no “one size fits all” approach.

Most SEO consultancy providers like ours, work in teams with team players working on their own specialized roles to contribute to achieving the vision for your website and your business. But you can be sure that our teams will deliver effective and quality results. Cheap is not always the way to go. Especially not for your business.

Whatever the expense, this is still one of the best cost-effective strategies you will ever employ. Think of it as a marketing investment. chronistsempelis a best seo consultant they are expert at bringing your customers to you through your own website. And this occurs without you having to allocate additional costs to cover fees for external advertising firms and other marketing propaganda. By ensuring quality content, proper keyword analysis and effective linking strategies, our specialists will equip your website to be self-sufficient as a marketing tool.

4.Guaranteed Expertise.

Implementing SEO campaigns effectively requires technical expertise and considerable experience. The project requires extensive research, dedication, resource and strategy. And your hands are probably full, trying to juggle the demands of both your business and your employees. Why unnecessarily burden yourself with the added task of having to navigate through the jungle of SEO terms and techniques?

Our SEO specialists possess the required know-how required to deliver effective promotional campaigns. They can dedicate the appropriate amount of time and resources necessary to achieve your website traffic goals and overall marketing requirements.

As with many other aspects of business, marketing too, is best delegated to the experts. Because strategies of SEO are known to be efficient, hiring a credible vendor to implement these is the best option to meet your business’ promotional needs.

Badge Lanyards: A Quick Fix for A Busy Lifestyle

Badge LanyardsThe modern times tend to be stressful on everyone. With all the advancements and the speeding up of everyone to catch their deadlines, business meetings, classes, employment opportunities, jobs, and almost anything that is currently being done by man today, people do not need to add to the problem of finding a way of keeping that pesky ID card on or around them at all times. Most people would simply just give up with trying to find a way to do that and stick the cards in their pockets, wallets, bags or other small and troublesome compartments instead. They, however, do not see that the answer was a simple piece of cloth or nylon that could be wrapped around the neck. Such is what these relatively well known things called ‘badge lanyards’ do.

Badge lanyards are generally the most ideal choice with regard to finding a means to attach an identification card to one’s body. They are very accessible and are very simple to put on. A simple over-the-head motion would set them around one’s head almost immediately without the fuss of finding another place or article of clothing to attach it to. More often than not, when getting ready for work in the morning, it would serve as less of a hassle to simply throw them on as compared to clipping or finding that shirt that has the name stuck on to it. It is clearly visible in most locations because of its unique shape, such that it could easily be spotted on top of a desk or a night table. The person would see it almost immediately in the morning and simply snatch it up, throw it on with that over-the-head motion and simply walk right out the door, and be ready to face the day.

Many people would not have guessed that simple items such as badge lanyards would be the answer to their problems. It is a small and almost unnoticeable struggle that unwittingly adds to a person’s daily stress. In actuality, the small few seconds that the badge lanyard saves when one is getting ready for work may be just the right amount to keep that person cool and collected at the end of a hard day’s work. That split second may not mean much on a daily basis, however, once taken in retrospect, those few seconds of life may be just the amount of stress to push someone over the edge and turn them into a scowling angry passenger that sits next to others on the bus ride home.

Tried and tested for many years, badge lanyards have been the trademark of schools all over the world. One could tell if the child is a student simply by locating the lanyard that is wrapped around the child’s neck. Often times, children, being young and playful, tend to roughhouse and get themselves into all sorts of dirty and sticky situations; however, the lanyard proves a sturdy and all around means to retain the ID card on or around the body. Even up to the collegiate level, lanyards serve as excellent time-saving items. Instead of bringing out the wallet and fiddling with the other ID’s, credit cards, licenses and cash, while wanting to simply enter the school or the workplace, the lanyard provides a quick access area that will immediately be seen by the establishments receptionist. All that is needed, should it not be clearly visible, is to raise it up with one hand and drop it again as soon as the receptionist sees it. These badge lanyards have stood the test of time and have proven to be effective, even with today’s fast paced society.

The Creation of Printed Circuit Boards

pcbsA printed circuit board may be one of the most fundamental parts of an electronic machine. This card is important as it keeps everything going. A simple printed circuit board actually keeps an electronic equipment or machine going by manufacturing the electricity on it. PCB is basically a card or a board with wires and components that come in different colors. Circuit board may look so complex on the first glance, but the truth is, anyone can create their own – even those who have little knowledge about electronics and all the terminologies used.

Here is a brief explanation of steps on how a circuit board may be made:

First, there is the design. Talking about the design of the printed circuit board, it is not actually for the aesthetic feels. The circuit boards have their own respective designs depending on the needed formation and connection of the components and the wires. One has to design the circuit board first before manufacturing it. How do they do it? First, engineers develop only prototypes of the boards and once the circuit is established, they can already start doing the board pattern. Most of the time, the design created by the engineer for the needed Printed circuit boards is sent to the factory where all the components and the wires are connected and put together in one board.

Second is the drilling part. The drilling machine plays a big part in creating the circuit boards because the first part of the manufacturing process starts when the technician puts a batch of raw PC boards into it. Then, what does the drilling machine do to the PC boards? In this process, all the boards, which are made of the glass-epoxy type with a copper foil on both sides, are being marked with all the data needed on the board. For example, the company name, the part designation and all the important information needed. All these data are silk-screened on the surface of the board in color white. Also, the drilling machine bores holes on the areas in which the wires and the components will be added.

Third, patterning. Before putting anything else on the board, the circuit pattern is being printed on the copper side of the board. It may be done photographically or with the use of silk-screening. This part is called the “resist” because the entire pattern of the soon to be circuit board is actually printed using a chemically resistant ink.

Fourth, the board is being etched. In etching, the board is being dipped in a corrosive solution that would dissolve the exposed copper. With this, all the needed pattern for the circuit board on the copper side, which are technically printed using the resist, will remain. In etching, all the needed circuit board parts remain and they are now called as the circuit board traces. After this procedure, the resist may already be washed off and the board would turn out to be a shiny clean copper.

Fifth is loading in which the parts are already placed on the board. This process is done in different ways depending on the manufacturer. In big companies, they do it with a machine while on small companies, everything is laid manually.

Sixth, the board is then soldered. A solder paste, with the help of a stencil, coats all the component side of the board. The board then will run on an oven. With this, the solder paste will be molten and all the component parts will be fixed.

Lastly, the board goes under inspection to make sure that it works the way it needs to be. This process is done by connecting the printed circuit board to a test fixture. Boards which have flaws are discarded.

A Direct Comparison of Local and Foreign Custom Military Coins

There used to be a time when custom military coins were simply a niche product. These were things that only a few people knew about and definitely even less cared for. Nowadays, however, the tradition of having custom coins has grown quite large.

custom military coinsThe tradition of handing out custom coins grew in popularity ever since Presidents like Bill Clinton started giving them out. Television shows have also prominently shown custom challenge coins increasing their popularity even more.

Nowadays, most people find themselves torn. Some people think it is better to order their custom coins from local suppliers. Others feel it is better to get them from a foreign dealer. Below is a direct comparison of some of the more important aspects between the two suppliers of custom military coins.

Making the deals

One of the biggest differences between the two coin suppliers is that local suppliers tend to be more expensive. The cheaper price is the main reason why many people find it better to order coins from a foreign supplier.

Be that as it may, there are still people who find it better to deal with local custom coin makers. Most of them prefer local suppliers because of the convenience. Dealing with foreign custom coin makers can be a massive dilemma for those who have no contacts, or do not know how to speak the language.

Dealing with foreign coin makers presents a huge risk for people who do not have a clue on what they are doing. Those who are ordering their very first batch of custom military coins are better off with local suppliers.

The hassle of returns

Ordering custom coins is always done in bulk. Custom coin makers never accept jobs for a few custom coin pieces.

Every large order of custom coins holds the risk of having a few poorly made ones. Some custom coins do not turn out the way that they were supposed to. Some are chipped or damaged while others are discolored.

Whatever the case may be, returning coins to have them replaced is normal. However, the hassle of having them replaced can be a much bigger pain in the neck in the case of foreign coin makers.

The delivery and cost of replacing coins can be a huge burden for foreign manufacturers. This is why some of them make it difficult for people to have their custom military coins replaced. The replacement process is a lot easier with local suppliers.

Getting a sample

Most coin makers advertise and posture themselves a lot. They promise to deliver excellent custom coins at affordable prices. Coin manufacturers like to show that they can deliver on their promise, even though only a few of them actually can.

Recommendations and advertising are just some of the few things that tend to inspire confidence in potential customers. However, at the end of the day, most of these things can still have next to nothing to do with the final product.

The best way to find out if a coin manufacturer can deliver the desired output is by a sample. For foreign coin makers, this is a lot easier said than done. Local coin manufacturers, on the other hand, are more than willing and are often accommodating for requests of a sample.

Working with a strict time table

Sometimes, people have to work with a strict timetable. They need to have their custom coins delivered as soon as possible. In this case, local coin makers are the ideal choice. Foreign producers of custom military coins take a longer time to deliver their products to the customer.

Practical Uses of Lanyards

If you look around, you will surely see at least one person wearing a lanyard. Lanyards are ubiquitous. They are literally everywhere. People wear them in schools, offices, and many other places. These items are very useful in holding a variety of items such as identification cards and security passes. In fact, they can also hold other small things like keys and USB’s. There are so many things you can hold with your lanyard.Also more about lanyards is given in

If you hold these items with your lanyard, you will no longer have a hard time searching for them in your pockets or pouch. Once you see the lanyard, you can simply pull it out of your bag. You can be sure that you will not forget your ID or your keys because they are securely fastened in your lanyard. This saves you a lot of time and effort. So, you can immediately get to school or work. You will be more productive if you have a lanyard.

You can use a tubular lanyard to hold your sunglasses or mobile phone. This way, you can quickly reach for your sunglasses when you go outdoors or answer your mobile phone when somebody calls. For your keys and badges, you can use a polyester lanyard. You can use this lanyard to hold your school ID, work ID, or security pass. You can also use it to hold your car key, house keys, locker key, etc. It is ideal to wear your lanyard around your neck, so you can conveniently display your ID and reach for your keys when you need them. You will also no longer need to reach for your pocket each time you pass security since you are already wearing the security pass. Wearing a lanyard at an event or a meeting will also let your teammates and colleagues identify you more easily. Other people will also be able to tell where you work based on the information on your lanyard.

If you are running a business, you can also use lanyards to promote your brand or the name of your company. You can customize or personalize them to suit your preferred theme or design. You can also customize them to match an event that you are organizing. In fact, you can effectively use this accessory in different occasions. With custom printing services, you can choose a design that perfectly matches your branding.

lanyardsLanyards make practical, appealing, and expensive promotional giveaways to promote your brand. They do not cost much, but they can be very useful. They are also available in various materials, styles, and designs. Unlike other promotional items, they actually appeal to all classes and ages. They are also very useful, so you can be sure that people will use them and not just store them in their cabinets at home.

You need to make sure that your lanyards are informative and possess an attractive design so they will pique the interest of people. They should also be designed in a way that users will find them practical and easy to carry. If you wish to print information on these accessories, see to it that you use the right color contrast and combination. As much as possible, you should use a light font with a dark background or vice versa.

This is so the writings or printings can easily be read and understood. Also, see to it that you use the right font style and font size. If you want your message or information to be readable, you should use a font size that is neither too large nor too small. You should also use a simple font style as much as possible in order for the words to be easily figured out. If you use fancy lettering’s, people might have a hard time finding out what message you want to convey.

Lanyards have different uses depending on its intended purpose. Companies and businesses use it for their employees’ identification cards, and sometimes it is even considered as part of the company’s uniform.

Long island homes for sale- Historical Reminders of Times Gone By

In all places in America, there is nothing that can equal the Long island homes for sale. Looking at the lavishly designed houses and mansions, one would think that they are indeed the reminders of Europe’s most splendid inhabitants, who made use of their newly acquired wealth during the rise of the High Society in the Gilded Age. Erected within vast areas were French chateaus as well as Italian palazzos that reached as far back as the late 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution led to a mighty economy. Arts developed and magnified, making way for the Aesthetic Movement, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the Eastlake Renaissance Revival. However, what is most appealing is the use of the Beaux-Arts style in architecture and interior designing, for they contain styles and images of realism that are depicted in the homes most extravagantly.

Real EstateWhen going inside the lavishly designed long island homes for sale, one would notice that there are rooms, such as ballrooms and art galleries, which have not even existed in the antebellum American houses in the preceding time. The rooms that reflected the Italian and French designs were expressive of the lifestyle during that age, when optimism and innocence vanished because of the effects of the Civil War. Instead, it centered on both the past and present history of America, wherein the Colonial style ruled the architecture and decorative arts, and the Industrial style encouraged the use of wealth. The homes and mansions were erected at a time when riches were being distributed from around the world. At Long Island, this wealth can be observed within the interior and exterior blueprints of the vastly designed homes, when the first rich inhabitants of America became aware of how wealth lingered in other countries around the world.

The Long island homes for sale are reminders of the times gone by, when Americans started to notice how art was being expressed in other places. They marveled at the artistic expressions in Japan, and were fascinated by the exotic expressions in Turkey. They applied the French chateaus and the Italian palazzos, which revealed the European art within their homes.

All these they expressed in the styles of architecture as well as in interior designing, when American mansions became the expression of what the world is in the eyes of America. From this, architecture became a manifestation of history, an upshot of America’s continuous association with the world. At Long Island, history is the foundation of the expression of art. Looking at the immense artistic homes, one would bear in mind how art is being manifested within the society, and it becomes a reminder of the times gone by, which appears to be nostalgic and quite evocative. Time lingers artistically, as instinctively professed by the Long island homes for sale of America.

Understanding Scutelliphily or the Art of Collecting Patches

Scutelliphily is the term that refers to the hobby and art of collecting souvenir badges or patches. These types include embroidered, woven, and printable or iron on patches. The word itself is derived from two ancient words – the Latin term ‘scutellus’, which means ‘little shield’ in English and the Greek term ‘philein’ which means ‘love in English’.

The word itself may be a tongue-twister but for patch and badge enthusiasts, the word transcends their passion for history and the art. The history of collecting badges and patches dates back during the ancient times when Roman and Greek pilgrims produced miniature images or emblems of their gods and goddesses. The tradition was carried through and was also adapted by the Christian pilgrims eventually.

Iron on patchesThe miniature images evolved during the medieval period when Christian pilgrim badges were made more wearable by attaching pins to these badges or images. During the medieval period, one who was seen wearing a shell symbol meant that the person had already been to the sacred shrine of St. James located in Santiago de Compostela, a region in Spain.

The onset of the 19th century also demonstrated a huge increase in the penchant for souvenirs including badges and patches. Secular pilgrims as well as the ordinary travel of people were instrumental to the boost seen in the souvenir industry.

People started to develop a habit of bringing home something that would remind them of a journey. These items range from postcard, magnets, badges, to pins. Patches, on the other hand, became a popular when hiking became highly popular right after the First World War. Hikers started to sew patches on their backpacks and jackets. During those times, iron on patches had not existed yet, and patches were manually hand-sewn on the garments.

In the US, the growing popularity of National Parks was also instrumental to producing the growing numbers of patch collectors. Vacationing started to become more and more popular, and people also started to obtain patches from the places they have visited. During the Second World War, patches were also widely used in Germany. The term ‘Sweetheart Patches’ was coined by soldiers who used these to inform their loved ones about their current locations.

The interests in patches and souvenirs of people continued even during the 21st century. The types of patches have likewise evolved. People no longer need to stick with traditional embroidered patches. Woven, printable, and iron on patches are now widely available on the market. Even specialized crests or badges can now be obtained by elite groups or institutions.

Collectible patches also range from coat of arms, scout patches, political patches, and uniform patches. Military patches or service patches are also among the top favorites of collectors. Patches that represent Special Forces, air forces, marshals, highway patrol, and the navy are also highly sought after by collectors. Several patch enthusiasts have also dabbled into making their own signature patches – ranging from printable to iron on patches.

Patch and badge collectors also sometimes engage in buying-and-selling on-line. Several collectors have also spent thousands of dollars on ancient patches which were originally used during the First World War.

Scutelliphily is a hobby that people who love history and art would appreciate. It may not be as popular as stamp collecting or toy collecting but the message behind the emblems and designs are too significant to resist. Understanding the satisfaction that old patches can give may not be easily grasped by everyone. However, the joy of collecting something that has witnessed the good and the bad of history cannot be questioned or even measured. From simple badges, to more modern ones like those printable or iron on patches, these items are all worth collecting.

Buying Golf Shoes Online

Finding and buying a good pair of golf shoes is equally important with buying all other components of golf equipment, because shoes also play a vital role in achieving a good play. The shoes are the player’s partner in all the long distances and hours of walking from one golf course to another. The right pair provides the needed support and comfort in every twist, turn, and bend while hitting the golf ball. With these simple reasons, a player would definitely want to find and buy the best golf footwear, however, knowing the best place to shop may be quite a dilemma.

The internet is definitely the best place to buy golf shoes. There are many advantages and good reasons why online shopping is preferred by many golfers nowadays.

Unlimited and Wide Selection

When you shop online, you can find all brands and models of golf shoes. Whether it’s a newly released model or an older model, online shopping sites will have stocks available. When looking for a specific brand, you just enter its name and press search – online stores will give you all the information you need. Sporting goods centers, malls, and pro shops also offers various brands and models, but the availability of stocks and selections are quite limited. There are plenty of online shopping sites to check out so there’s a very slim chance that the item you’re looking for won’t be available.

Time- and Energy-Saving

You can shop in the comfort of your own home or office, seated. You’ll be done shopping in just a few clicks of the mouse. There’s no need to spend hours in different shops at the mall just to find the right pair of shoes. You can avoid tiring walks, and dodge the need to secure the entire shoe store until you find what you want. You also get to save on gas.

Cheaper Prices

Golf ShoesWhen you compare the prices of golfing shoes, between those on the internet and the ones in physical stores, the internet shops offer the best deals. One reason why online sites can offer discounted price is because they won’t have to worry about overhead expenses, which isn’t possible when maintaining physical stores. Shipping cost for online shopping isn’t really a big deal because when added up, the total cost is still lower. Furthermore, free shipping is also usually offered to attract more buyers.

Product Comparison (Brand and Model)

When you shop at the mall or in any sporting center, you can see different brands of golf shoes; however, comparing each won’t be easy. You can easily see and compare the price and the designs, but that’s it. The only way for you to make a good comparison is to take time to ask sales reps and listen to what they have to say. Whereas online, you can just click on an item then immediately and easily make comparisons.

Detailed Product Information

When you go to a physical store what you can see up-front is the look and style, the brand name, the model, and the price. Only a sales expert can provide and explain to you the features and specifications of the golf footwear. Unlike when you buy from the internet, where all the details and features of the product are provided, all you need to do is read.

These are just simple reasons why finding and buying a good pair of shoes from the internet is better than shopping in malls.

There are many online stores where you can find all your golfing needs. These sites offer golf shoes from various trusted brands – at prices you can’t find anywhere else.

Debunking Common Myths About SEO Services

seo servicesNo matter what your ideas are for your business, setting up a website is vastly important. Without a website, you will not be able to reach the widest audience possible. If you’re comfortable with just a few dribbles of traffic, then by all means ignore this notion. If you want to not only get unique traffic, but visitors based on search queries, then you will need to follow through on the opportunity to hire any number of SEO services that are on the market today. With the help of a trained professional, you will not only get your numbers up, but you will be able to factor in a lot of different elements to help with the conversion rate that you need to be successful. There are some myths that are associated with search engine optimization, and you may even believe some of them. They have been argued, published and repeated so often on the web that it can be hard to overcome them. Before you hire anyone, make sure that you consider the following myths that are now officially debunked.

Content Marketing Troubles

When Google changed their algorithm recently, everyone seemed to throw up their hands in protest. Some people vehemently fought the decision because they had been submitting articles in droves. In fact, some were posting hundreds of articles on directories with one way backlinks and content that was subpar. These shortcuts are still pushed out by a lot of people. It’s not a good thing. Content marketing has been marginalized to two very isolated areas.

Good Content –

The good content that you can publish right now is 100% unique, brand new, and full of ideas. The content can be anywhere from 250 to 500 words and beyond, and will factor in 100% new information and not anything duplicated.

Bad Content –

The bad content, or what search engines consider spam is based on duplicate ideas. Not only that, it can be spun and posted on a variety of locations. If you have even 1 to 2 lines of duplicate or “spun” content, you’re going to get penalized.

Article marketing is not dead, it just requires a lot more attention than you may have been giving it in the past. It also requires you to be a lot better than in previous incarnations. If you’ve posted bad content in the past, it’s time to shape up moving forward, and perhaps even hire SEO services to help you with this.

Commenting on Blogs

Blog comments are hit or miss. There are still a lot of bloggers that add the “DO FOLLOW’ plugin or tag to their outbound links, in the comment section. This is very dangerous because it can easily be abused. In fact, some previous SEO services have even targeted a huge list of sites that allow this and have dropped comments in droves. Backlink creation is important, but if you’re commenting on blogs in hopes of getting a bit of a push from search engine rankings, forget about it. Do not let yourself be fooled by this, commenting in mass will only prove to be detrimental to your long term internet marketing goals.

All Traffic is Good Traffic

Some people think that if you just get traffic, you’ve won half the battle. This is one of the biggest myths circulating right now. Do not believe this at all, because you could end up missing out on something huge. It’s very important that you do not just buy traffic or hits in the thousands, or hundreds of thousands. Even if it placates your ego, do not do this. It will only prove to be a point of contention that will discredit your ranking within search engines today. It’s very important that you do not fall into this trap, because you will see negative results in the long term.

Defining Content Marketing For SEO Implementation Online

seoPeople have these crazy ideas about what seo means, and how content marketing works within that world. The truth of the matter is that all forms of marketing have a lot of different definitions, and some of them will completely change the way you see the future. Defining content marketing as just one sided, and trying to shoehorn search engine optimization as well, is only going to lead to serious confusion. As such, many of the internet’s webmasters and small business owners are clueless as to how to gain attention from search engines. If you want to gain attention, you will need to understand content really shows up on pages and how you should use it. Do not assume that there is only 1 way to go about these things, because there are a lot of different elements at play. For that reason, you should look at the following definitions in regards to content to understand how they can all play a role in your optimization strategy moving forward.

Content Can Be Anything

One sentence, or one word, so long as it is published to the internet can be called content. So can an images, a video, podcast, or just about anything that has a digital signature. Anything but an empty page can be considered just that. Despite all the elements that can be placed under this banner, millions assume that it’s just one thing, writing. Writing is not just allocated to the world of this marketing structure, you’ll find that it’s part of a larger picture, one that utilizes seo at the helm, but more importantly uses the end user’s need for information as the main call to action on the web. Connecting the end user with the information that you have is the key to gaining leverage with organic results.

SEO Can Come Naturally

seoThere are natural methods that you use to gain leverage with search engine optimization and it all starts with understanding how to implement the proper code structure. For instance, if you’re going to upload an image, the backend should have a full structure of code. Code has to have the title tag, the name of the file correctly in line with keywords, an alt tag, and all the components that come alongside with the latest iteration of HTML. Without these in place, you may find that the optimization needed will come into play after the fact. However, if you just put things together in a simplified manner, and align yourself with the code, you will gain market share over time.

Putting It All Together Is Simple

Whether you have an ecommerce solution or you have a domain name for your blog, you will want to make sure that you’re combining all the pieces for the bigger picture. If you want to work with seo, you will need to be versatile with what you’re putting up online.  You will not be able to succeed if you do not look at all the elements and then craft “content” with them all. That means that your website should have some text, some video, some images, and nothing that would showcase you’ve given up on updating the site. Constant updates, even for informational websites are the leading role of moving forward. You cannot move forward with seo without implementing all these elements correctly, you just can’t.

Once you define content as something more than just one idea or one element, you will triumph moving forward. There is no “one” way to move along with traffic generation in this manner, so don’t assume that there is one method that will get you such a high result that you’ll be able to transcend working on the individual pieces together. When they come together, you gain the most impact, guaranteed.